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A Message From Jamie Musa, Owner Of Midland Exteriors:

When it comes to running a home improvement company, there are two basic approaches to getting customers. One way is to get as many leads as you can and then use every high-pressure sales trick in the book to try and get homeowners to do business with you.

The other way is to educate homeowners on what you offer, take the time to answer all questions, and then step back and let the customer decide what is best for them. At Midland Exteriors, this is the way we like to do business.

It might cost us a customer on occasion, but we can live with that. I would rather have customers who are completely comfortable with choosing us on their own terms.

This ‘Education Before Sales’ philosophy is the reason I have created two free guides to help homeowners sort through all the claims they hear coming from the home improvement industry. These free guides are titled the ‘Contractor Standards Guide’ and the ‘Homeowners Guide To Windows.’

You might question whether the owner of a home improvement company could create unbiased guides packed with objective information. All I ask is that you read the guides. They are free, so there is zero risk in checking them out. You can judge them for yourself.

Thank you for your interest and happy reading!

Contractor Standards Guide

There are so many competing claims in the home improvement industry that it can be difficult for homeowners to sort through them all. I created this guide to help you navigate all the claims and counter-claims. It shows you in a common sense way what is really important when judging a contractor. We also put proof in the report that we uphold these standards ourselves. To download the guide, please click here.

Homeowners Guide To Windows

This is a report packed with information about windows. You’ll learn about what makes a window energy efficient. And the different material options available and what you need to know about each one. Plus a lot more. To download the guide, please click here.

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